We have been leaders in the art of casting and in the processing of cast iron, for the production of lighting poles, since the early 1900s

As one of the leading industries, we offer a wide range of classic poles for public lighting: products from traditional design to the most up-to-date reinterpretations, able to give character to historical contexts or prestigious urban areas.


Cast Iron Poles and

Cast Iron – Steel
Poles and Brackets

GMR ENLIGHTS historical poles for public lighting have been designed following an in-depth formal research: every detail has been studied to maximise the aesthetic performance

The quality of the product is guaranteed not only by the accuracy of the design, but also by the selection of the best finishes and the search for the most performing mechanical solutions. Our historical lighting poles are all designed for LED lanterns and historical lighting fixtures, mounted directly on the pole or by means of brackets.

Quality of finishes and mechanical strength
All GMR ENLIGHTS historical lighting poles have high corrosion resistance, thanks to hot-dip galvanising and specific surface treatments developed together with paint suppliers.

The restoration is carried out by our company with particular attention to the historical and cultural context of the period pieces and with the support and monitoring of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

Custom Models
GMR ENLIGHTS has the know-how and experience to develop poles and ad-hoc lighting systems with an exclusive design for prestigious projects.


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