CYL SYSTEM is a multifunctional urban furniture designed for the life of modern cities under the banner of sustainability, safety aesthetic appeal.


CYL System

Genius System

The CYL SYSTEM Street furniture program is designed to meet the lighting and technological needs of contemporary smart cities. Light and unctionality are integrated into a sophisticated program that can be configured tto suit the individual project and fit into any urban context.

Inspired By
The urban design elements should highlight the needs of the residents and enhance the identityof the place. Digitalization, sustainability, and “city beautification” inspired the development of TOTEM CYL. We have created an iconic item to represent modern cities and create pleasant places where people can enjoy spending their time.

CYL Street
CYL STREET is a collection of lighting products in accordance with TOTEM design. The collection includes poles, wall brackets and lighting fixtures with simple but refined shapes. The products are designed to elegantly illuminate streets, avenues, parking areas and
squares in combination or not with TOTEM.

The totem was designed in four chromatic variations. It is not only a matter of color: BAMBOO, CITY, SUNSET e SKYLINE are three inspiring models, suggested by the trends and atmospheres of modern cities.

The modules integrate devices and functionality in an elegant and compact solution that solves the “technological clutter” of our cities:

Lighting Module

Sound Broadcasting

Video Surveillance

Electric Vehicle and Bicycle Charging Station

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Touch Screen

The CYL TOTEM is designed to provide continuity to the CYL Smart line, it makes it possible to standardize urban lighting furnishings to adapt to all the needs for enjoy the city and outdoor spaces.

Collection of two different types of poles: both equipped with the same base but with a different vertical development:
Solution A: Simple, Simple tapered pole
Solution B: One Three Heights


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