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Tradition, design and performance: a history of innovation since 1863.

The beginning of our activity dates back to 1863, the date on which the Savings Bank Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì bought the shares of the “Società Anonima per l’illuminazione a gas” of the city of Forlì.
The company changed its name to “Officine di Forlì” and became one of the first private industries in Romagna and the founder of the industrial movement of the city.

The real evolution took place in 1895 when the factory became the property of the engineer Enrico Forlanini, who built a gas lighting system for the entire city of Forlì, illuminated until then by a few malfunctioning oil lamps.

In 1958 the factory was acquired by Bartoletti Spa which in 1987 established a new company called Fonderie di Forlì Spa, together with the company Fondart di Bertinoro, owned by the Ravaioli family.

During this time, a legacy of drawings and projects, dating back to the period between the end of the nineteenth century and the 1930s, are rediscovered in the archives of “Officine di Forlì” and they become the point of reference and inspiration for the emerging Ghisamestieri.

In 1992, following the great crisis that affected the foundry sector, Fonderie di Forlì Spa ceased its activity, until Ghisamestieri took over the business at the beginning of 1993.

Thus began the restoration works of the cast iron poles in the squares and historical town centres of the most beautiful and important cities of Italy, such as Venice, Palermo, Naples and Milan.

From the private friendship between Leardo Ravaioli, founder of Ghisamestieri, and Dino Gavina, one of the most important entrepreneurial figures in the Italian furniture sector, the idea of combining experience and production capacity to create a line of high design urban furniture was born.

This experience and the consequent collaboration with international designers, architects, designers and lighting experts, led to a growing integration between technical experimentation and design, craftsmanship and industry, laying the foundations for the multidisciplinary and creative originality that characterises our work.

Ghisamestieri develops the first modular system using LED technology and applies it to its portfolio of discharge lamp lighting fixtures.

The result is an innovative collection that combines artistic design and technological innovation and is based on a precise design philosophy whose cornerstones are safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

2016 is a turning point for Ghisamestieri.
During light+building, the world’s leading trade fair in the lighting field, lightecture is presented, a new line of street and urban LED products, laying the foundations for the “Total Lighting Solution”, the company’s philosophy still pursued today.

lightecture marks the beginning of a great change for Ghisamestieri, which is beginning to extend its range of products beyond historical and classic lighting, for which it has always been and continues to be a leader in the sector.
The company is opening up to new opportunities and is moving towards an increasingly international market.

08.06.2020 – After a long history, GhisaMestieri renews itself.

Thus, was born GMR ENLIGHTS: a brand that keeps intact its origin and know-how, reaffirms its international vocation and opening to new lighting fields

A brand name in line with new lighting needs of a constantly evolving Smart World, that is projected into a sustainable future.


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