GMR ENLIGHTS offers its customers a series of products specifically designed for the street lighting of road and highway/motorway tunnels and underpasses.

We have developed a range of flood lights and LED lighting fixtures to meet the main requirements of tunnel lighting ensuring visual comfort and uniformity of light distribution, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.





Hibra Wall


Product reliability

Our LED flood lights are subjected to a strict cycle of tests and certifications that attest to their high resistance to corrosion, mechanical stress and guarantee the long life of the product and LED sources.


Safety and visual comfort

Thanks to the optical technologies used, our tunnel and underpass lighting products offer maximum visual comfort, avoiding glare and ensuring safety for drivers and passengers.


Customer Support

GMR ENLIGHTS has the know-how and skills to support its customers in the choice of products and in the design of road and highway/motorway, tunnels and underpasses lighting, in compliance with industry standards and regulations.


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